study tips for college students

10 Study Tips for College Students


In this era of many distractions it is easy to get carried away. If you are a college student, you will definitely go through this.

As a student, you should be aware that college days are going to change the way you look at things for the remaining part of your life.

For those who look forward on how to study effectively in college, I am going to list a few of the effective tips and habits to follow.

Here are the top 10 study tips for college students that renovate you as a new person and focus you on developing study skills.

1. Focus Your Mind

Are you serious about learning how to study and remember?

Then, you need to focus your mind on what you are doing and what you need to do?

No one will force you to do anything during your college days. You need to focus on the importance of your college days.

Understanding classroom and homework are not obstacles, will don’t create barriers for your success.

Just be self-reliant and understand what your goal to achieve during college days.

2. Stay Away from Lifestyle Distractions

Distractions are the only aspects filled in today’s modern technological world. Well, those words applicable only for students. Not 100% suited for working men and women.

Are you one of the students who often engage with modern gadgets?

Then, it’s time for you to stay away from those. Unless you don’t want to get succeed on your academics.

Get rid of your mobile phones, wireless connectivity and reduce your nasty habit of chit chatting with friends in social media during your study hours.

3. Proper Time Management

Most of the students these days lack a lot when it comes to effective time management.

Time Management is not something that everyone can achieve at ease. It requires imperative skill and self-discipline.

Trust me! Spending life in a disciplined manner is something really hard for many, especially for students.

But unfortunately, if you want to be successive on your college days then you must possess an effective time management skill and learn how to study for long hours. It helps you to concentrate on all by giving equal importance.

4. Don’t Hesitate to Raise Questions

Hesitating will drags you behind in all aspects.

Not only in studies, to lead a successful life you need to overcome your hesitation and be frank and wide-open.

Do you hesitate to raise your question/doubts to your tutor/lecturer?

It might be mainly because of low self-esteem or fear. To overcome that, be open and always look interacting with tutors/lecturers quite often.

By doing so, it will give you comfort on raising questions/doubts during lecture hours/review classes

5. Stay Organized On Your Student Life

Being organized is something relevant to the discipline.

Here in college days being organized refers to day-to-day commitments related to your academic activities.

Activities like completing class works, taking proper study materials, pinpointing the vital topics on textbooks, and so referred as organizing elements during college days.

6. Develop Your Notes Taking Ability

To be a good student, possessing skills like taking notes and good study habits are inevitable.

It is nature, not every student owns such skill of taking notes thick and fast.

Here comes the tricky factor. You can record the lecture or key points or consider learning shortcuts and short forms of writings.

Though it sounds like learning shorthand writings, I am not suggesting that.  Students can develop their own set of shorthand writing skills to follow speeding lecturers.

7. Have Good Interaction

Don’t think like getting mingled with college mates will divert you from studies!

It depends upon whom and for what purpose you are about to mingle.

Having interactions, making friends, will make you mentally strong and also it gives you a variety of learning skills.

Having friends surrounded always will drive you to do something new. Apply that on your studies and try our something new on studying/learning.

8. Don’t Fully Depends on Your Study Guidebooks

It’s not good to circle yourself when it comes to learning.

Study guides are just suggestions for understanding your academic concepts. If you really want to full-fledged with the concept details try to study beyond your study guides.

By doing so, you can be more informative.

9. Relax and Take Sufficient Breaks

Plan your study schedule properly with enough breaks and rests.

Taking breaks and resting yourself in-between your academic work will rejuvenate your mood.

Breaks and resting will boost your study skills. It will refresh your brain cells and makes you learn quick and easy.

10. Always Stay Positive

Positive thoughts are essential to be successive.

For students, positive thoughts are the vital tool to climb the ladder of success during their college days.

Being positive in all situations will ease your stress factor and guides you to focus more.

On the other hand, sinking with negative thoughts will make you hard to absorb as your brain cells will fade and stop focusing.

Feel Lacking in Study Skills?

I wish to discuss a few things about self-esteem and confidence.Young students who are new to higher education often are filled with thoughts like they are lagging behind to match up with other.

Are you one among those new college buds having such fatal thoughts about lack of study skills?

Experts say that a few counseling sessions can bring you enough confidence to develop study skills in you.

In general, students posses all possible abilities to be successful in college but the lack of developing study skills make them fail.


Hope, you folks will follow the above tips to have a successful college life.

I personally suggest college students consider their college days as a learning experience rather than a place to study.

Arguably, both studying and learning mean the same.

But learning makes you acquire knowledge and studying makes you gain knowledge.

Also, learning will create enthusiasm and drives you towards success path.


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