how to study effectively for long hours

How to Study Effectively for Long Hours?

Students struggle sitting for long hours in a stretch for studying. If you are a student who has no habit of sitting in one place for a longer period of time, you will definitely face this issue. This article will help you learn how to study effectively for long hours.

There is a lot of pressure on students to study and the present curriculum across all courses demands it. Since things are getting competitive, you will need to increase the time of your study if you want to ace a test will high marks.

These tips will help you study effectively for longer hours:-

1. Comfortable seating

First and foremost thing you need to do is have a comfortable seating for studying. As sitting is a position which can add strain to the structure of your spine, the chair must be comfortable. The chair must be of proper height allowing your feet to rest and keep your legs relaxed.

The chair must be set so that the sitting posture is comfy. It must be of light weight. To keep you relaxed and help you focus on studying, the back rest can be tilted to a slight 120 degrees. This will avoid backaches and neck pains.

An ergonomic chair can help you keep your posture properly so as to have no problems to spine. For a student, it might be a good investment as the amount of time you spend in a day is enormous. It is to avoid the health hazards caused to the body because of a badly designed chair.

While you need to make the seating comfortable, you must not make it cozy or the purpose will be defeated.

2. Keep supplies close at hand

To waste minimum time in getting pens, pencils, erasers, etc., keep all these study supplies close at hand. This is necessary as you will spend most of your time searching for these things.

Invest in a study table with drawers and keep all these necessary supplies in the drawer. In short, organize your study materials properly so that you can get them when you want.

Even though your mobile phone can help you with calculations, keeping notes, reminders, etc., keep a calculator, a diary and a notepad in your table drawer. Why? Because, a mobile phone can distract you so better keep it away while studying.

3. Ventilated room

If the study room is not properly ventilated it can make you feel suffocated at times. Ventilation causes the air to circulate freely in your room.

Prolonged poor ventilation exposes you to more of chemicals and irritants inside the room from the furniture, equipment and cleaning products. It can also make you more vulnerable to getting respiratory infections.

Fresh air makes you feel fresh all day and night. This will also help you keep calm and study.

4. Adequate water

While studying, takes 2 to 3 sips of water after every 15 minutes to keep yourself hydrated. Studying for long hours can make you feel parched.

Drinking water also can provide a mental boost as a study suggests. So it is good to drink water while studying.

5. Take small breaks

Although the idea is to study is for longer hours it is sometimes necessary to take small breaks. This breaks can be a quick visit to the bathroom or to get a snack.

6. Comfortable clothing

If you are sitting in uncomfortable clothing to study, you might feel irritated and get distracted. Since the focus must be clearly on your studies, open you wardrobe and find comfy clothes to study in.

Final words

If you are wondering how to study effectively for long hours then it is necessary to follow the tips given above. As a student the stress of studying for a longer period of time to achieve good marks is increasing day by day. The key is to keep your mind relaxed as too much stress can make you go blank in the examination hall.

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